EURO EXPERIENCE is a Spanish company located in Málaga (Andalusia) acting both as a hosting and sending organization for European mobility projects.


Connecting higher education institutions, academies, and any training centre in Europe, with local companies, educational centres, and associations in Málaga.


Improving the technical and linguistic skills of students and teachers through the European mobility internships in host companies and making the experience of their stay abroad unforgettable by organizing cultural activities and logistical solutions for the whole group.

We PROMOTE, ORGANIZE, and MANAGE work experiences and educational programs for young students, teaching staff, artists, young workers, and organizations. We mainly provide in-company training experience, as well as Spanish courses, seminars, professional study visits and structured courses, all through European programs such as Erasmus+ and the European Social Fund.

In addition to this, we actively participate in European projects for the exchange of good practices and the development of innovation. We are experts in the areas of training and mobility, internship in workplaces, employability, professional training, entrepreneurship, and the development of transversal and digital skills.


EURO EXPERIENCE is made up of a human, multidisciplinary and multicultural team that has grown and consolidated over time, (which is undoubtedly one of our main added values). Everyone at EURO EXPERIENCE contributes to giving a helping hand that accompanies students and teachers in their personal and professional growth.

Our director and founder Marco Taibi has almost 6 years of experience in the European Mobility Programme, and he has experienced himself 3 different Erasmus during his studies, (once in Sweden and twice in Spain).

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Western & Eastern Languages and Cultures (Spanish and English) and a master’s degree in International Tourism and Destination Management. He has been living in Málaga since 2018 and has an extensive knowledge of this city and its province.

He is very committed to this sector, and he really wants to be able to help both students and teachers to participate in an experience as enriching as Erasmus+.



EURO EXPERIENCE mainly works in Málaga, in the heart of Andalusia, one of the most hospitable and remarkable regions of Spain. According to Condé Nast Traveler Awards, Malaga is “the city where everyone wants to live”. Its ideal size, its almost three thousand hours of sunshine a year, its excellent connections with the rest of Spain and Europe, its commitment to technological innovation, its extraordinary cultural offer and its environment, make it worth visiting.


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